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Directions - Worms Baseball field (Bürgerweide)

** GPS Navigation:
67549 Worms, Friedrichweg, 2.5 km from the intersection with Ludwigstraße, 49°36'41 N, 8°23'27 E (or O)

** From the North:
Take Autobahn A61. Exit at "Worms / Mörstadt" east towards Worms. The road ends after about 5 km at a traffic light at the Rhein; turn right here onto the B9. Continue on the B9 past Fiege, Procter & Gamble (light), Hornbach / Aral / Burger King (light), McDonalds (light) and Aldi (light). Continue on the B9 past the Rheinbrücke (the Festplatz is also on the left).

[1] Take the 2nd exit after the bridge (Worms Zentrum / B9). At the traffic circle, exit on the 1st right then turn left at the next intersection towards Worms Zentrum.
From here on, follow the directions [3].

** From the South and the West:
From A61/Speyer: at Autobahnkreuz Frankenthal: exit east onto the A6 towards Mannheim.
From A6/Kaiserslautern: at Autobahnkreuz Frankenthal: continue straight through the intersection.

[2] At the 2nd exit after the Autobahnkreuz Frankenthal, Ludwigshafen/Worms exit onto the B9, north towards Worms and follow the B9 all the way into Worms.
[3] About 30 m after the traffic light, turn sharply right onto Friedrichsweg (towards Bürgerweide / Tiergarten). Keep following Friedrichsweg 2.5 km past a tennis club and a riding club on the left. The Baseball field will appear shortly thereafter on the right side of the road.
Watch out for radar traps on Friedrichsweg!

** From the East:
A6 from Mannheim: Follow the directions [2].
or B47 from Lorsch / Heppenheim: Continue straight across the Rheinbrücke then exit towards LU / B9 (not towards MZ!).
From here on, follow the directions [1].

Have a good trip, drive to arrive, and Play Ball!!!

(last modified 4/2013)

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