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TGW Cannibals Baseball Ends Season in 2nd Place

Ed Seaman hits Grand Slam Homerun

The TG Worms Cannibals Baseball team crushed the Bad Kreuznach Cobras this past Sunday with a score of 22-2. The game was stopped after the 6th inning due to the Mercy Rule (20 run lead). The Cannibals ended their season in second place in the SWBSV Landesliga with 11 wins and 3 losses.

The starting pitcher for Worms was their newest player, Bernd Beyer who pitched the first three innings giving up just one earned run, proving that he is welcome addition to the team.

The Cannibals took until the 2nd inning for their bats to wake up. They scored 4 runs in the 2nd, 5 in the 3rd, and 6 runs in the 4th inning while holding the Cobras to just 2 runs in this phase. In the 4th inning the Cobra's pitcher loaded the bases with a walk and Ed Seaman used the opportunity by smashing the ball over the left field fence for a grand slam homerun. The Cannibals didn't let up in the 5th and 6th innings, scoring 7 more runs. Relief pitcher Seaman retired the order in the bottom of the 6th and the game was ended because of the 20 run Mercy Rule.

Scoring for Worms were: Robin Dowell (4), John Borja und Sven Friederich (3 each) , Berndt Beyer, Jerry Labrie, Don Schönborn und Greg Hilker (2 each), Dieter Wendel, Thomas Holschuh, Andreas Maaß und Ed Seaman (1 each). After the game, TGW Coaches Otmar Zielauf and Don Schönborn thanked the team for a fun and exciting season and said that they were very satisfied with the way the Cannibals played both on Sunday and during the season.

All members are invited to the yearly meeting of the Baseball & Softball department which will take place on Friday, November 7, 2003 at 20:00 in the TGW Gastätte (Jahnturnhalle).

Anyone interested in playing ball with the Cannibals can get more information here on the website or via the Turngemeinde 1846 Worms e.V.

As a final note, we would like to say a big "Dankeschön" to all of our loyal fans for supporting us at both our home and away games this year!
Nastätten Champs - Worms Cannibals Second

The Nastätten Bees won the SWBSV-Landesliga championship with a resounding 27-7 victory over Bous on Sunday, 9/14/03. As a result, the Cannibals have a lock on second place – no matter what happens in the game against Bad Kreuznach on September 21.
TG Worms Cannibals sting the Bees from Nastätten

The Cannibals Baseball team defeated the first-place Nastätten Bees on Sunday, September 7. The Cannibals proved that the fight for the championship isn't over yet, in spite of the loss to Bous a week earlier and the blown chance to force a playoff game.

Worms hit well from the very beginning and it was clear to the Cannibals that the day would belong to them. 16 runs in the first two innings and holding Nastätten to just one provided an excellent cushion for the Worms pitcher, Naum Adam. Nastätten changed pitchers four times in an effort to try to slow the Cannibals down and the Bees' offence never got into the game. The game was ended in the 7th inning because of the 10-Run-Rule with Worms leading 22-8 – by far Nastätten's worst loss of the last two seasons.

T. Holschuh (C), J. Labrie (RF), H. Breuler (SS), S. Elschner (CF), A. Maaß (2B), E. Seaman (3B), S. Friederich (LF), D. Schönborn (1B) and N. Adam (P) played for Worms.

The Cannibals last game of the season is against the Bad Kreuznach Cobras on Sunday, September 21, at 14:00 on the Worms Bürgerweide.

More about Baseball in Worms for young and old, male and female, can be found here on the website.
Cannibals Blow Their Chance

Worms Baseball team loses in 12-5 Bous

The Worms Cannibals first game after the 4-week summer break was on August 31 in Bous. The Bous Lokomotive obviously practiced more during the vacation and they deservedly won the game by a score of 12-5.
With the loss, the Cannibals have probably blown their chance to win the title in the Landesliga this year. They are still in 2nd place in the standings behind the Nastätten Bees; however, they must both now beat Nastätten this Sunday and also hope that the Bees lose to either Saarbrücken or Bous in their final games.

The game in Bous started well for Worms. The Cannibals scored twice in the top of the first and held the Lokomotive to a meaningless hit in the bottom of the inning. In the 2nd, Worms scored again; however, they lost their chance to score more runs because of poor baserunning. Bous managed their first run in the bottom of the inning thanks to two Worms errors.
The 3rd inning was over quickly as both teams went "three up three down" thanks to solid defence from both teams. Worms scored again in the top of the 4th, but Bous was able to score twice on three hits, making the score 4-3.
Things went downhill for the Cannibals from there. Worms managed only three hits over the next four innings and was unable to put a run on the board in this phase. Bous, on the other hand, was able to score in each of these innings and led 12-4 going into the top of the 9th. The Cannibals managed one more run and had bases loaded when the last batter grounded out to the pitcher.
Playing for Worms were: T. Holschuh, H. Breuler, D. Schönborn, A. Maaß, E. Seaman, G. Hilker, J. Labrie, S. Friederich, B. Beyer, F. Engel, und N. Adam.

The Cannibals last home game is on Sunday, September 7, at 2:00 p.m. against Nastätten. If they want to have any chance at all to win the championship, then the Cannibals will have to win this game! It would help the Cannibals if a huge crowd came out to the game on the Bürgerweide and fired them on.

More about Baseball in Worms for young and old, male and female, can be found here on the website.
TGW Cannibals leave tracks in Neustadt

Baseball team scores a ton of points in Neustadt, 31–8

On Saturday, July 19, the Worms Cannibals crushed the Neustadt Saints by more than 20 runs. The Cannibals scored more than 30 runs in a game for the first time this season.
Thanks to the excellent hitting training the week before, the Cannibals had 20 hits while holding the Saints to just 7. Worms scored 20 runs over the first three innings and had everyone thinking that the game would end in the fourth because of the Mercy Rule. Neustadt, however, was able to take advantage of some uncharacteristic errors by the Cannibals and make the score 20–4.
The Saint's firstbaseman hit a 3-run homerun in the 5th and it went into the 6th inning before the Cannibals were able to run away with the game. Worms pounded out 8 runs in the top of the 6th and held Neustadt scoreless in the bottom of the inning to seal the win.
Scoring for Worms were: Holschuh, Seaman 5, Breuler 4, Engel, Friederich, Hilker, Schönborn 3, Dowell, Maaß 2, Borja 1. The players Hilker, Friederich and Seaman also had perfect days at the plate and had 12 RBIs between them.
More about Baseball in Worms for young and old, male and female, can be found here on the website.
German (no english translation available):
Knappe Niederlage der Cannibals Jugend

Mainzer gewinnen knapp mit 15:11 gegen Wormser Baseball Schüler

Am vergangenen Dienstag hatte die Wormser Kannibalen ein Freundschaftsspiel gegen die Athletics aus Mainz. Die Gäste aus Mainz waren wie erwartet ein starker Gegner, immerhin sind sie amtierender Deutscher Meister der Schülermannschaften und einige Spieler in den Reihen der Athletics sind aus diesem Meisterteam mit angetreten.
Die Partie verlief sehr ausgeglichen, ständig wechselte die Führung und man mußte sich im Schlußspurt gegen die erfahrenen Mainzer mit 11:15 knapp geschlagen geben. Dennoch war wieder eine Steigerung von Seiten der Wormser zu sehen, denn vor allem in der Verteidigung stand man besser und konnte somit auch gut mithalten. Im Angriff konnten die Cannibals durch einen geschlossene Teamleistung und durch 2 Homeruns von Tobias Metzmann an die vorherigen Freundschaftsspiele anknüpfen.
„Wir benötigen noch einige Freundschaftsspiele mehr und dann sind wir bereit um in der nächsten Saison mit den anderen Teams in der Liga mithalten zu können“, hieß es von Trainer Sacha Elschner.
Das nächste Freundschaftsspiel findet gegen eine Auswahl aus Wiesbaden in 14 Tagen statt.
Wer Lust hat mal bei den Cannibals mit zu machen der kann sich unter Tel.(06241) 53001, Trainer Sacha Elschner oder hier auf der Website Informationen holen.

Auch Damen suchen die Cannibals noch für ihr Softballteam, Infos gibt es hier unter Tel.(06241) 34752 bei Nadine Breuler oder im Training das jeden Montag auf der Bürgerweide ab 18.30 Uhr beginnt.
TGW Cannibals on the way to the Championship

The Worms baseball team were victorius, 21 – 4, against the Rockland Raptors from Neuwied. If the Cannibals continue to play like they played on Sunday then the championship is not far out of reach.
The game began with a double hit by Dowell which led to the first run of the day. The hitting continued in the first inning with a total of three runs and the Cannibals held the Raptors scoreless.
In the second inning the Cannibals blew away the Raptors defence and scored 7 runs. At this point in the game the Cannibals fully concentrated on ending this day with nothing but a win. They continued scoring but it was not enough to end the game with the 20-run "mercy rule", even with a three-run homerun, the Worms baseball team proved their abilities.
Trainer Don Schoenborn decided on this day to use his "special weapon", pitcher Ed Seaman. With 12 strikeouts Seaman had control of the game the entire day. Three players, (Dowell, Elschner and Friederich) were able to serve a perfect day with a 1.000 batting average and no errors. Scoring for the Cannibals were: Dowell 4, Elschner, Seaman 3, Breuler, Holschuh, Labrie 2, Borja, Engel, Friderich, Hilker, Wendel 1.
The next game before the summer break is Saturday, 19 July in Neustadt. More information about the mens baseball team, the youth team and the Tee Bees can be found here on the website.
German (no english translation available):
Cannibals Jugend unterliegt den Tornados knapp mit 14:15

Das Baseball-Schülerteam der TGW konnte sich wieder steigern !

Nachdem vor 14 Tagen das erste Spiel der beiden Schülermannschaften in Worms auf der Bürgerweide stattfand, fuhren die jungen Cannibalen diesmal nach Mannheim zu den Tornados. Im ersten Inning (Spielabschnitt) lief es für die TGW´ler nicht so gut, dort gingen die Tornados schnell mit 4:2 in Führung. Im zweiten Inning drehten dann die Wormser auf und konnten 9 Runs (Punkte) erzielen, da die Tornados im diesem Spielabschnitt auch punkten konnten, stand es somit 11:9 für die Cannibalen.
In dieser Phase schlug Marius Wolf einen Homerun und Marc Strobel konnte einige gute Plays ( gute Verteidigungsaktionen) machen. Im Inning 3 zogen dann die Mannheimer wieder davon und führten mit 14:12. Das Wormser Schülerteam konnte im Durchgang 4 noch zwei Runs erzielen, die Tornados noch einen und somit stand der Endstand mit 15:14 für das Mannheimer Team fest, da im 5. und letzten Inning von beiden Seiten keine Punkte mehr erzielt wurden.
Das Trainergespann Sacha Elschner und Sven Friedrich war trotz der knappen Niederlage überhaupt nicht enttäuscht. Auch Claus Helmig (ehem. 1. Bundesliga Manager der Mannheim Amigos) war von den jungen Wormsern wieder begeistert, dass sie so gut gegen sein Team gespielt haben.Trainer S. Elschner plant die nächsten Spiele gegen Wiesbaden und Mainz und Infos gibt’s unter 06241/53001 oder www.worms !
Dramatic win for Worms

TGW-Cannibals win against Bous on 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th

Those who did not come out to the Bürgerweide in Worms on Sunday missed an exciting game. The Worms Cannibals managed a 7-6 victory over the Bous Lokomotiv in the best game of the year by both teams.
Both teams hit the ball well on offence and played solid defense. Proof that the ball was hit is the fact that both pitchers gave up only two walks each and both had just four strikeouts. Perhaps the difference in the game was that the Cannibals had 14 hits with just two errors while Bous had 11 hits and made six errors.
The game did not start well for Worms, however. Bous's first batter hit the second pitch from Naum Adam more than 300 feet over the left field fence for a homerun. The next two batters stroked nice singles and eventually scored. Thereafter, the Cannibals's defense stiffened-up and allowed no runs and only four hits over the next 5 1/3 innings.
The Cannibals, on the other hand, scored a run in each of the first three innings to tie the game and took over the lead in the 6th. Both teams scored a run in the 7th. Going into the top of the 9th, Worms led by 5-4.
Bous got their first two batters on base in the 9th and the first runner scored when the Cannibals's right fielder misjudged a linedrive, leaving runners on 2nd and 3rd. The next batter hit a sacrifice fly to right, scoring the go-ahead run; however, the runner from second also tried to score on the play and was thrown out at the plate by third baseman Hendrik Breuler, ending the top half of the inning.
You could feel the tension in the air as the Cannibals came up to bat. They desperately needed one run to tie and two to win. Andreas Maaß led off the inning with a single. Ed Seaman also singled, moving Maaß to 3rd. Breuler was up next and Seaman stole 2nd on the first pitch. The count went to 2-2 before Breuler stroked a linedrive double to right center, scoring Maaß and Seaman, and giving Worms the victory.
The Player of the Game for Worms was Hendrik Breuler who had 2 singles, 2 doubles and a triple in five at-bats and who also made a number of amazing plays at 3rd base. Shortstop Ed Seaman and second baseman Andreas Maaß also starred defensively and Naum Adam proved again that he is the best pitcher in the Landesliga. Scoring for Worms were: Right fielder Sven Friederich, Maaß, Breuler (2 each), and Seaman (1).
Also playing for Cannibals were: Sacha Elschner (left field), Thomas Holschuh (catcher), Greg Hilker (center field), and Don Schönborn (first base).
Worms is now in second place in the Landesliga. The Cannibals's next game is in Worms on Sunday, July 13, at 3 p.m. against the Rockland Raptors from Neuwied. The Cannibals would love it if a good crowd came out to the Bürgerweide and cheered them on.
More about Baseball in Worms for young and old, male and female, can be found here on the website.
TGW Cannibals eat Bears

Last weekend the TG Worms baseball team was able to just get by the Kaiserslautern Bears 17-13 in a game which lasted over three hours; therefore, everyone was expecting another thrilling game on Sunday, June 29. However, the Cannibals thoroughly ate-up the Bears in Worms by the score 13-3 in a game ended by the 10-run-rule after less than two hours.
Worms is known for their excellent defense and that defense never let Kaiserslautern in the game on the extremely hot summer afternoon. The Bear's first batter swung at the first pitch of the game and hit a sharp line drive down the third base line which thirdbaseman Sven Friederich dove for and caught. Thereafter, the Cannibals defense played solidly, continually snuffing-out the Bears scoring opportunities.
The Worms offense was a complete team effort – except for one player, every Cannibal scored at least one run. Six Worms players had hits and five of these had at least two RBIs. Another highlight was that both Mike Zielauf and Ed Seaman hit triples in the same game.
Also playing for Worms were: Sacha Elschner, Andreas Maaß, Thomas Holschuh, Friedel Engel, Greg Hilker, Naum Adam, und Don Schönborn.
The Cannibals are now in third place, 1½ games behind the leader, and just behind their next opponent, Bous Lokomotiv. Bous comes to Worms to play the Cannibals on the Bürgerweide this Sunday, July 6, at 15.00.
Excellent Début for Young Cannibals

The TG Worms Cannibals youth team barely lost to the Mannheim Tornados, 12-8, in their first-ever practice game on Monday 23.06.2003.
The game started ideally for Worms and they spurted to a 5-3 lead thanks to homeruns by Christian Klein and Tobias Metzmann. Thereafter, the teams traded runs until the Tornados finally took the lead and held on to it until the last inning. Coach Sacha Elschner; however, was more than happy with the way his boys played in their first game ever. "Mannheim has played together for years and is a very good team. We never thought that we could play them so well in our first game."
The young Cannibals showed that they could bat well; however, they need more practice on defense. On the other hand, the team has only been together since November 2002 and one can easily say that the 13 kids between 8-12 have made tremendous progress so far. Further practice games against Mannheim and Mainz have already been planned.
If you would like to join the team, you can get more information from Coach Sacha Elschner (Tel. 06241 / 530 01) or here on our website.
TGW Cannibals well earned win Kaiserslautern

After fighting the heat for over three hours, the Worms Cannibals brought home a win against the Bears from Kaiserslautern, 17-13. The three runs scored in the first inning proved that the home advantage for the Bears was not going to help. In the second inning the Cannibals scored another two runs. The Bears eventually found a weak spot in the Cannibals defence and used it to score 6 runs in the bottom of the second inning. With good hitting and good base running in the seventh and eighth innings the Worms team was able to score another eleven runs. A double play by Hendrik Breuler, Andreas Maaß and Thomas Holschuh, and another double play pulled-off by Rightfielder Sascha Elschner, showed how tight the Cannibals' defence stood. The game was not over though, until Centerfielder Greg Hiker, fighting the sun, caught two fly balls and brought the Cannibals out of the inning to end to the game. The Cannibals Trainer, Otmar Zielauf, praised the team, was satisfied with the performance and expects the same next week when the Bears visit the Cannibals in Worms. Scoring for the Cannibals were: Dowell and Breuler 4 each, Friederich 3, Maaß and Elschner 2 each, Hilker and Holschuh 1 each. Also playing were Adam, Engel, and Seaman.
Cannibals get revenge with Saarbrücken

The Worms Cannibals lost their last game with the Saarbrücken River Bandits 9-8. They got their revenge on Saturday, June 14, by beating Saarbrücken in Worms by 14-4.
The Cannibals showed from the beginning that they were not to be denied on this hot summer day and never let the River Bandits into the game. Saarbrücken sent only four batters to the plate in the 1st inning while Cannibals batted thru the order. The inning ended with Worms leading 5-0.
In the 2nd inning, the River Bandits still couldn't figure out how to hit the Worms' pitcher, Naum Adam, and again sent only four men to the plate. On the other hand, the Cannibals kept right on hitting and batted thru the order once again, increasing their lead to 11-0.
Saarbrücken managed their first run in the top of the third; however the Cannibals answered with a Homerun by 2nd Baseman Andreas Maaß. Worms further increased their lead to 14-2 in the 4th and 5th innings.
The Cannibals showed why they are known for their defense in the 6th inning. Saarbrücken's first batter reached base on a single. The second batter then split the outfield with a hit to right-center for a double; however, he tried to stretch it into a triple. Center Fielder, Greg Hilker, threw the ball to Shortstop, Hendrik Breuler, who fired it on to Third Baseman, Ed Seaman, in time to catch the runner. After a strikeout by Adam, Seaman charged a slow-rolling infield hit and rifled the ball to First Baseman, Don Schönborn, in time to get the final out of the inning.
Also playing for Worms were: Thomas Holschuh (Right Field), Sacha Elschner (Right Field), Mike Zielauf (Catcher), and Sven Friederich (Left Field).
The Cannibals' next home game is against the Kaiserslautern Bears on Sunday, June 29 at 3 p.m. on the Bürgerweide in Worms. (Directions to the Bürgerweide are under "Contact") Come out and watch America's #1 Sport and cheer the Cannibals on! Admission is free.
'Tee-Bees' buzzing like little bees / Softball reactivated

TGW-Cannibals working with little players / From a "Tee" with soft baseballs

Two mothers, Doris Elschner and Nadine Breuler, from the Baseball section of the TG Worms started practicing T-Ball with their three young kids in the ELO-gym in November, 2002. (The Cannibals practice in the gym in the winter.) The number of children has grown and the "Tee-Bees" now practice every Wednesday from 15:30 to 17:00 on the Bürgerweide.
Currently 15 kids (five girls and ten boys) play with the "Tee-Bees". Practice games have been planned against other teams like the Mainz Athletics. Children interested in playing with the "Tee-Bees" are always wellcome. They do not need to have gloves and bats as the Cannibals have enough to go around.
Of course the Cannibals adapt the game to the age of the kids. The little ones, aged 3 to 7, hit the ball from a Tee and play only with soft baseballs. As the kids get older the game gets adapted step by step for them.
The boys and girls, coached by Doris Elschner and Nadine Breuler whose children also play with the "Tee Bees", have fun learning the game on the baseball field on the Worms Bürgerweide.
If your child would like to learn baseball with the "Tee Bees", then bring him/her to practice on the Bürgerweide Wednesdays between 15:30 and 17:00 (except during vacations). Directions in English to the Bürgerweide can be found on the website under "Contact".
Nadine Breuler (Tel. 06241/34752) or Doris Elschner (Tel. 06241/53001) would be happy to give you more information. Of course you can also e-mail the Cannibals at

Women's Softbal Reactivated

The Cannibals are looking for new players for their Softball team. The differences between Softball and Baseball are quickly explained. A Softball field is smaller, the ball is bigger, the bats are smaller and lighter, and the pitcher pitches underhand instead of overhand. There are also a few differences in the rules.
The Worms Softballers had a number of very good players on the team in the past. For example, Natascha Zielauf is a former Junior National Team member and Nadine Breuler was "Best Player" in the league a number of times. Now, a number of the ladies from the ex-team have come back together would like to have fun playing Softball again. If YOU would like to play Softball with the Cannibals, simply come to practice Saturdays between 16:00 and 18:00 on the Bürgerweide.
For more information, contact either Nadine Breuler (06241/34752) or Doris Elschner (06241/53001). Directions in English to the Bürgerweide can be found on the website under "Contact".
Cannibals stung by the Bees

The TGW-Cannibals were stung by the Nastätten Bees for their first loss of the season on Sunday, May 18, by the score of 9-8. The Cannibals are now tied for 2nd place with Nastätten behind the "Landesliga" league leader, Bous.
The Cannibals were unable to score in the top of the first inning. Nastätten; however, was able to use the only error of the day by Worms to score two runs. A beautiful throw by catcher Mike Zielauf nailed a runner trying to steal second and snuffed-out the Nastätten rally.
The Cannibals offense woke-up a bit in the 2nd inning and they were able to score a run. An omen of things to come; however, was the fact that Worms could not score more than one run as bases were loaded. As of this point, the Cannibals were also able to calm down on defense and held Nastätten to a "3-up, 3-down" inning.
Worms exploded for six runs in the top of the 4th on five hits, including a double by Sven Friederich, and seven stolen bases. Nastätten answered with two runs and the score stood 7-5 for Worms at the end of the inning.
In the 5th, the Cannibals were able to extend their lead to 8-5 on an RBI single by Sacha Elschner. However, as of this point, the Bees' defense was able to keep the Cannibals in check and Worms did not score for the rest of the game.
The Cannibals defence played well, too, and kept the Bees from scoring until the 8th inning. Unfortunately, the Bees' batters started finding the holes and they were able to plate two runs in the bottom of the 8th.
Three back-to-back singles produced the tying run in the bottom of the 9th for Nastätten and a sacrifice fly put the nail in the coffin for Worms, with Nastätten winning 9-8.
Playing for Worms were: Naum Adam (P), Sacha Elschner (RF), Friedel Engel (RF), Sven Friederich (2B), Greg Hilker (LF), Thomas Holschuh (CF), Jerry Labrie (CF), Andreas Maaß (SS), Don Schönborn (1B), Ed Seaman (3B), and Mike Zielauf (C).
The Cannibals' next games are on May 24 in Saarbrücken and on June 1 at home on the Bürgerweide in Worms. (Admission is free)

The Cannibals are constantly looking for new players for Men's Baseball, Women's Softball, and our Youth teams. If you are interested, simply come out to one of our practices, or give the appropriate Coach a call. Practice times, Contact Information, Schedules, Stats, and much more about Baseball in Worms can be found here on our Website.
Baseball at its finest played by the TGW Cannibals

Another win, 22-2, for the Worms Baseball team.

Saturday, May 10 2003, it was proven on Cannibals Field who the defending champions are. After only 2 hours of playing time, 6 innings and 22 runs, Worms walked away with the game and booked a win against the Cobras from Bad Kreuznach.
With three wins and no losses, the Cannibals are currently the leaders of the Southwest League. In the first three innings of the game, the Cannibals were able to score 12 runs with good hitting and base running. In the sixth and final inning, the Worms team brought in another 10 runs and closed out the game with the 20 run rule, final score 22-2.
The Cannibals showed on this day that the sport Baseball can only be played well when played in teamwork. The defence had a "double play", a play usually reserved for the higher leagues, accomplished by a well trained and close stitched infield. Shortstop Hendrik Breuler, second baseman Sven Friederich and first baseman Don Schönborn, pulled off the double play and proved that teamwork is what this sport is all about.
Also playing were: Adam Naum, Robin Dowell, Sascha Elschner, Friedel Engel, Greg Hilker, Thomas Holschuh, Andreas Maaß, and Mike Zielauf. The next game is on the 18th of May in Nastätten. Training times and other info about the Cannibals Baseball can be found here on the website.
TG Worms Cannibals triumphant in first Home Game 15-4

The Worms Cannibals Baseball Team took the ball and ran away with it in their first home game of the season. With a strong defence at hand, the Cannibals were able to close down the Saints from Neustadt with the 10 run mercy rule in the seventh inning with 15-4. The Worms team started the scoring in the first inning with 7 runs and held the opponent in the first two innings to 0 runs. Worms went on to score 3 runs in the second inning, 4 runs in the fourth inning and 1 run in the fifth. The Saints brought in 2 runs in the third inning and 2 more runs in the fifth and sixth innings. The guests from Neustadt could not keep up with the variable pitching from the Worms pitcher Naum Adam. The Trainer from the Cannibals saw early in the game that he would be able to make changes in the line up. In the third inning came the first change from the bench and continued throughout the game to experiment with new and other player options. Attributed to the win are players listed: Adam, Borja, Breuler, Dowell, Elschner, Engel, Friederich, Hilker, Holschuh, Maaß, Schönborn, Seaman, Wendel, Zielauf. To Open the seasons first home game and throw the traditional first pitch, the Canniblas were joined by the Worms Sport Administrator, Mr. H.J. Kosubek and Mr. H.W. Hofmann (president of the state sports confederation).
TGW Cannibals win in Rockland

The TGW Baseball team came home Sunday the 27th of April, 2003, with a win against the Rockland Raptors from Neuwied. The seasons first game for the Cannibals took over four strenuous hours.
The Raptors proved that it was not going to be an easy game for the Worms team, scoring in the first inning and went on to collect a total of ten runs throughout the entirety of the game.
The defending champions from Worms were not to reckoned with and were able to score in six from the nine innings.
A homerun hit by Worms Pitcher Naum Adam, brought confidence and secured the Cannibals season starting win 22 to 10.
Also scoring were: Hilker 4-runs, Adam, Breuler, Friederich and Holschuh 3-runs each, Elschner and Seaman 2-runs each, Dowell and Schönborn with 1-run each.
The Cannibals play their first home game on Cannibals field this Saturday the 3rd of May at 3pm. All visitors are welcome to come out and enjoy the game.
The following is the schedule for the planned home games:
Sa. 03.05 3pm Neustadt Saints
Sa. 10.05 3pm Bad Kreuznach Cobras
So. 01.06 2pm Bad Kreuznach Cobras
Sa. 14.06 3pm Saarbrucken Riverbandits
So. 29.06 3pm Kaiserslautern Bears
So. 06.07 3pm Bous Lokomotive
So. 13.07 3pm Rockland Raptors
So. 07.09 2pm Nastätten Bees
More information at
H-J Kosubek to throw „First Pitch”

The Cannibals have their first home game of the season on Saturday, May 3, at 15:00 on the Bürgerweide. The Worms City Sports Administrator, Hans-Joachim Kosubek, will be on hand to throw out the first pitch and officially open the home season for the TG Worms Cannibals. Mr. Kosubek will start the game by going on the field and throwing the ball to the Catcher.

The "First Pitch" has a long tradition in the USA and is performed by various famous people such as the President, Hall-of-Fame players, entertainers, etc..
Cannibals looking for Ladies for the Softball Team

The Cannibals are looking for new players for their Sofrball team. The team's motto is „Girls just want to have fun”. The differences between Softball and Baseball are quickly explained. A Softball field is smaller, the ball is bigger, the bats are smaller and lighter, and the pitcher pitches underhand instead of overhand.

„Soft” is not necessarily soft when the lady Cannibals take the field. The Worms Softballers still have a few very good players on the team. For example, Natascha Zielauf is a former Junior National Team member and Nadine Breuler was "Best Player" in the league a number of times.

Now, a number of the ladies from the ex-team have come back together would like to have fun playing Softball again. If YOU would like to play Softball with the Cannibals, simply come to practice Saturdays between 16:00 and 18:00 on the Bürgerweide.

For more information, contact either Nadine Breuler (06241/34752) or Doris Elschner (06241/53001). Directions to the Bürgerweide, in English, can be found here on the website under "Contact".

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