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No Youth on 10.05.14
  posted 07.05.14 by Greg Hilker    
Youth practice is cancelled on Saturday, May 10 due to a 3RBL tournament in Worms. Of course, the Men hope that lots of kids players show up to cheer them on! The first game starts at 10:30.
3RBL 2014 Schedule
  posted 03.03.14 by Greg Hilker    
Sun 04.05 in COB
Sat 10.05 in WOR
Thu 29.05 in COB
Sun 20.07 in WOR
Sun 28.09 in KSL
1st game always starts at 10:30
Schedule: Click here
Friendly Games April 2014
  posted 6.02.14 by Greg Hilker    
On Sunday, April 13, the Cannibals will play two games against the Coblenz Raptors in Worms on the Bürgerweide.
The Baseball teams play the first game at 11:00. Afterwards, at about 14:00, the Mixed-Softball teams will play each other.
Food and drinks will be available.

Other practice games planned are:
• Sat 19.04 vs. Kaiserslautern Bears in Worms. Game time: 13:00 Uhr
• Sun 27.04 Turnier vs. Büchenebeuren Braves and Coblenz Raptors in Worms. The first game starts at 10:30.
No Youth practice on 1/25
  posted 23.01.14 by Greg Hilker    
No Youth practice on January 25th because of a Badminton game in the gym!

Gesendet: Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014 um 11:04 Uhr
An: "Baseball Sonnenberg", "Hendrik Breuler"
Betreff: Baseball Samstag

bitte beachten Sie, dass am Samstag ein Badmintonspiel in der neuen Jahnturnhalle stattfindet.
Es stand auf der Terminliste, war aber leider (vom Datum her) falsch eingeordnet.
Ursula Karlin

No game in Flö-Da!
  posted 28.06.13 by Greg Hilker    
The planned baseball demonstration on Saturday, July 6 in Flörsheim-Dalsheim has unfortunately been cancelled due to a death.
Deep and heartfelt sympathy to the TSV Flörsheim-Dalsheim.
New Directions
  posted 4.04.13 by Greg Hilker    
The directions to the field have been changed to reflect the current construction situation in Worms.
Directions: Click here
Cannibals 3RBL Champs!
  posted 07.10.12 by Greg Hilker    
The Cannibals defeated the St. Ingbert Devils 36-15 on 7.10.2012 and are the 3RBL champions!
Cannibals in 3RBL Playoffs!
  posted 24.09.12 by Greg Hilker    
The Worms Cannibals have reached the 3RBL playoffs thanks to a 15-9 victory over the Coblenz Raptors on 23.09.
The playoffs are scheduled for October 7, 11:00 in St. Ingbert. The Cannibals will be competing against the St. Ingbert Devils.
23.09.12 in Bücheneburen
  posted 15.09.12 by Greg Hilker    
The Cannibals will play a Playoff qualification game on 23.09.2012 at 13:00 in Büchenbeuren against the Coblenz Raptors.
Neustadt and St. Ingbert have already qualified for the Playoffs which will take place on Oktober 7 in St. Ingbert.
Leave at 10:00 for St. Ingber
  posted 30.08.12 by Greg Hilker    
The schedule for Sunday (2.09) has changed.
Our 1st game is now at 12:30; therefore, we leave at 10:00 from the Jahnturnhalle parking lot.
No Practice on May 1st
  posted 30.04.12 by Greg Hilker    
No Practice on May 1st - moved to Thursday this week.
New President elected
  posted 13.11.11 by Greg Hilker    
Elections were held on 12.11.2011 as part of our annual meeting. The following people were elected:
• President - Joachim (Jojo) Sonnenberg
• Vice President - Sven Friederich
• Treasurer - Jerry Labrie
• Press Secretary - Alex Kubitzki
Contact information: Click here
Diekirch game cancelled!
  posted 16.06.11 by Greg Hilker    
The game on Sunday, 19.06, against Diekirch Phoenix (LUX) has been cancelled. Jojo is trying to find a new date for the game.
Practice on Sunday at 15:00.
Practice now Sundays 15:00
  posted 06.05.11 by Greg Hilker    
Practice is now also Sundays at 15:00.
  posted 24.03.11 by Greg Hilker    
Practice Times: Click here
Practice outside on Wednesday!
  posted 14.03.11 by Greg Hilker    
• The next practice is on Wednesday, March 16, at 17:00 on the Bürgerweide!
• We play in Saarbrücken on Saturday (19.03) - We leave at 10:30 from the parking lot across from the Jahnturnhalle.
First games of 2011 scheduled
  posted 20.02.11 by Greg Hilker    
Hier unsere ersten beiden Spiel-Termine der neuen Saison:
19.03. Worms - Saarbrücken
10.04. Worms - Ladenburg 13.00 Uhr
Grüße, Jojo
  posted 21.10.10 by Greg Hilker    
Practice is now Saturdays from 16:00 to 18:00 in the Elo-Turnhalle in Worms.
Change! Game Sunday 10/3
  posted 28.09.10 by Greg Hilker    
Das Spiel wurde auf Sonntag d. 3.10 verlegt!
St. Ingbert kommt am Sonntag (03.10.) für ein Freundschaftsspiel zu uns. Spielbeginn ist um 14.00 Uhr. Das heißt wir treffen uns um 12.00 Uhr auf dem Platz.
WIR SPIELEN ! (Sa. 25.09)
  posted 25.09.10 by Greg Hilker    
9:10 Uhr: Jerry war heute Morgen schon auf dem Platz und es sieht OK aus.
Wir spielen!
Treffpunkt ist 10:00 Uhr - Spielbeginn 12:00 Uhr!

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