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Contact/New Players

Play Baseball with the Cannibals!

New players, whether young or old, are more than welcome with the Cannibals! If you'd like to play ball with us, then simply come out to one of our practices! (See "Practice" in "Game Data")

The Cannibals are the "Baseball and Softball" department of the Turngemeinde 1846 Worms e.V. sports club in Worms. Due to insurance reasons, everyone who takes part in practice with us must be a member of the TG Worms club; however, it is also possible to practice with us a few times without becoming a member. Either our President or Vice President can give you more information about this.

A membership in the TG Worms costs:
12.50 EUR per month for adults,
8.50 EUR per month for minors (18 and younger), Azubis, students & retirees,
21.00 EUR per month for families.
Application fees are 20,-EUR / 10,-EUR / 25,-EUR
(as of 10/2013).
Membership applications are always available from our President.

Would you like more information about Baseball in Worms? Then give either our President or Vice President a call. (See "Addresses" in "Contact")

We're looking forward to seeing you!