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Officers / Contact
Email: click here to send an e-mail to the Cannibals

President: Joachim (Jojo) Sonnenberg Tel: 06241-506-6391
Vice President: Kathrin Lentes Tel: 01766-133-5249
Treasurer: Greg Hilker-Schmele Tel: 06243-367
Press Secretary: currently vacant ;-(

Coach Men's Team - Aufbauliga: Brett Hessler Tel: 0175-590-3620
Coach Men's Team - Verbandsliga: Sacha Elschner Tel: 06249-805-812
Coach Mixed Softball: Patrick Hinkel Tel: 01766-184-9826
Youth (12-15 yrs) Coach: Sacha Elschner Tel: 06249-805-812
PeeWees (7-11 yrs) Coach: Joachim (Jojo) Sonnenberg Tel: 06241-506-6391

New players should contact either the Coach, our President, or Vice President!
(Click on a Name to send that person an Email.)

Practice Games: Contact Jojo Sonnenberg. Tel: 06241-506-6391