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Semi-Finals Landesliga-BB
  posted 3.09.04 by Greg Hilker    
St. Ingbert took 1st place in the Landesliga "Süd".
Therefore, we will play our semi-final game on Sunday, 29.08, at 2 P.M. in St. Ingbert.
Meet: 11:00 at the Bauwagen / TGW Parking lot
Bilder und Bericht vom Tee Bees
  posted 15.07.04 by Nadine & Hendrik Breuler    
Die Bilder vom Tee Bees Spiel gegen die Mannheim Tornados (und Bericht) sind online !
Bilder unter: Tee Bees-Tornados 14.07.2004
New Tee Bees pics
  posted 01.07.04 by Nadine & Hendrik Breuler    
New Tee Bees pics are online.
Organizational Changes
  posted 24.02.04 by Greg Hilker    
In our meeting on 20.05.2004 the Worms Cannibals voted for the following organizational changes:

Department President:
Andrea Hirschl
Tel: 06241 / 302-345
eMail: andreahirschl AT

Department Vice President:
Greg Hilker-Schmele
Tel: 06243 / 367
eMail: worms-cannibals AT

Department "Sportlicher Leiter"
(Umpire-, Scorer-, and Scheduling-Questions)
Ed Seaman
Tel: 06355 / 953-603
eMail: ...

Schöne Grüße,
Greg Hilker-Schmele
2. Abteilungsvorsitzender
TG Worms Cannibals
Worms Cannibals Sweatshirts
  posted 17.01.04 by Nadine & Hendrik Breuler    
Worms Cannibals t-Shirt available, call Hendrik.
All Stars from Worms
  posted 03.09.03 by Greg Hilker    
Hendrik Breuler, Sven Friedlich and Andreas Maaß have been nominated to the 2003 All Star Team. Ed Seaman and Naum Adam are "Alternates". Our Scorer, Tim Schmele, was voted the best Scorer in the SWBSV and he will score the game.
The All Star Game will take place on Sunday, September 28, at 14:00 in Büchenbeuren. There's also a "Home Run Derby" starting at 12:00.
Elo wants us out of their Gym!
  posted 06.06.03 by Greg Hilker    
A letter from Otmar Zielauf:
Mr. Elschner (Coach of the Youth Team) called the principal of the Elo High School and discussed the accusations that we were ruining the ceiling in the gymnasium with him. We acknowledged that years ago there were two instances where damage was done; however, these were paid for by our insurance. According to the principal, he has nothing to do with reserving the gym for other organizations. This is done solely by the City of Worms.

We informed the principal that we are in the process of building a youth team. Currently we have about 14 children who regularly come to practice and we want to register a team in the Schülerliga of the SWBSV for the next season. This is only possible if we can offer the children the possibility to practice during the winter months. The winter training period is from October 2003 thru March 2004.

The situation is similar for our Tee-Ball team. I would like to remind you that Worms is the only club in our league (Rheinland-Pfalz und Saarland) which offers Tee-Ball (for kids up to 7 years). Tee-Ball is played with soft balls and foam-covered bats. The attendance at these practices is very high; currently, 12-15 children practice regularly with the team.

We are also pleased that these practices are being used more and more by the parents of the children as a possibility to get to know each other better. This, too, would be destroyed if we cannot use the Elo-Gymnasium in the winter months.

It is therefore extremely important that we are able to offer our Youth team and out Tee-Ball team the possibility to practice during the winter. It simply cannot be that roughly 30 children are punished for the mistakes that a few adults made in the past!

If the City feels it must forbid a team from practicing in the Elo-Gym, then it should be the adults and not the children who have nothing to do with any supposed damage.


Otmar Zielauf
1. Abteilungsvorsitzender
TG 1846 Worms e.V.
Abteilung Baseball & Softball

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