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New President elected
  posted 13.11.11 by Greg Hilker    
Elections were held on 12.11.2011 as part of our annual meeting. The following people were elected:
• President - Joachim (Jojo) Sonnenberg
• Vice President - Sven Friederich
• Treasurer - Jerry Labrie
• Press Secretary - Alex Kubitzki
Contact information: Click here
New Practice Times
  posted 30.09.11 by Greg Hilker    
New Practice Times: Click here
110,000th visitor on 7/7/2011
  posted 08.07.11 by Greg Hilker    
This website had its 110,000th visitor since March 22, 2003 on 7/7/2011!
Cannibals win!
  posted 26.06.11 by Greg Hilker    
The Worms Cannibals beat the Büchenbeuren Braves today in a game with ideal Baseball weather by 10-4.
Friendly game on 19.06
  posted 23.05.11 by Greg Hilker    
The Diekirch Phoenix from Luxembourg are coming to Worms on Sunday, 19.06. The game starts at 13:30.
All players: Be at the field at 11:00 to set-up and get warm for the game.
Practice now Sundays 15:00
  posted 06.05.11 by Greg Hilker    
Practice is now also Sundays at 15:00.
  posted 24.03.11 by Greg Hilker    
Practice Times: Click here
More games planned for 2011
  posted 26.02.11 by Greg Hilker    

More games planned for 2011! - Click here: Schedule

Three Rivers League - Click here: 3 Rivers League

Tee-shirts and more - Click here: Cannibals Shop
100,000th visitor on 6/19/2010
  posted 21.06.10 by Greg Hilker    
On 6/19/2010 this website had its 100,000th visitor since March 22, 2003!
Game in BK starts at 11:00!
  posted 17.06.10 by Greg Hilker    
Da Deutschland am Sonntag möglicherweise spielt, wurde unser Freundschaftsspiel auf 11:00 Uhr vorgelegt. Treffpunkt ist 8:45 Uhr auf dem Parkplatz gegenüber d. Jahnturnhalle.
New date for game against BK!
  posted 04.06.10 by Greg Hilker    
Bad Kreuznach has moved our game with them:
27-JUN-10 14:00 in Bad Kreuznach.
- Jojo -
New Executive Board
  posted 25.02.10 by Greg Hilker    
Ich wünsche dem neugewählten Vorstand der Abteilung
Herrn Mikel Frieß - Abt.Vorsitzender
Herrn Christoph Haus - 2. Abt.Vorsitzender
Herrn Jerry Labrie - Schatzmeister
eine glückliche Hand um die Abteilung wieder auf den richtigen Weg zu bringen.

Bedanken möchte ich mich auch bei den Anwesenden bei der außerordentlichen Abteilungsversammlung für die konstruktive Mitarbeit

Mit sportlichem Gruß
Johann Ammon
Cannibals withdraw team
  posted 01.02.10 by Greg Hilker    
The Cannibals have withdrawn their team from league play in 2010.
It is planned that the team be rebuilt and that a large number of practice games be played in 2010 with the goal of registering a team again in 2011.
No Pfingsturnier 2010!
  posted 24.01.10 by Greg Hilker    
The Worms Cannibals are *not* sponsoring a Pfingsturnier in 2010.
New President
  posted 6.01.2010 by Greg Hilker    
The Cannibals have a new president: Johann Ammon. Vice President is Christoph Haus.
Practice in Elo-Gym as of 7. Nov
  posted 17.10.09 by Greg Hilker    
Practice in Elo-Gym as of 7. Nov.!
Due to the weather, no more outdoor practice on the Bürgerweide.
Website back up and running
  posted 06.09.09 by Webmaster    
Our menu was not functioning anymore, thanks to an unannounced and not backwards compatible PHP update on our server. This is finally resolved, though. Sorry for the long delay, but I just arrived in Ireland this week and had no Internet up until now.
Cheers, Tim
Rained-out Game Rescheduled
  posted 14.06.09 by Greg Hilker    
The rained-out game with Büchenbeuren has been rescheduled for
• Sunday, 26.07.2009 at 14:00 •
Go to schedule
- ghs -
Practice now Wed. and Fri.
  posted 24.05.09 by Greg Hilker    
Practice is now Wednesdays and Fridays at 17:30!
- ghs -
Changed starting time WOR-BKC
  posted 11.05.09 by Greg Hilker    
Our next game - on Saturday May 23 against Bad Kreuznach in Worms - starts at 11:00! Players are to meet at the field at 8:45.
- ghs -

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