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Pictures from BKC-WOR - 19.04.09
  posted 21.04.09 by Greg Hilker    
Pictures from the game in Bad Kreuznach are online. See: Miscellaneous/Pictures/2009.04.19 BKC-WOR/.
- ghs -
Spielplan 2009 Online
  posted 02.03.09 by Greg Hilker    
The 2009 Schedule is now online! click here
- ghs -
Verbandsliga Stats Online
  posted 04.10.08 by Greg Hilker    
Die Verbandsliga season is now over. All statistics, incl. "All Time" and "Top 10" are now up-to-date.
-ghs- 4.10.2008 -
Visit our Fan Shop!
  posted 12.09.08 by Greg Hilker    
Visit our Fan-Shop: Click here
Cannibals T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and more!

75.000th Visitor on 25.08.2008 !
  posted 25.08.08 by Greg Hilker    
On 25.08.2008 this website had its 75.000th visitor since March 22, 2003!
-ghs- 25.08.2008 -
Youth Stats Online
  posted 02.06.08 by Greg Hilker    
Die Youth season is now over. All statistics, incl. "All Time" and "Top 10" are now up-to-date.
-ghs- 02.06.2008 -
Pix of WOR-TRI on 13.04.08
  posted 16.04.08 by Greg Hilker    
Tim uploaded 14 pictures of our April 13th game against Trier. Go to: Miscellaneous/Pictures/2008.04.13 WOR-TRI/.
-ghs- 16.04.2008 -
Schedule 2008 Online
  posted 29.02.08 by Greg Hilker    
The 2008 Schedule for all 4 Cannibals teams is now online: Click here.
-ghs- 29.02.2008 -
Youth Indoor Tournaments
  posted 16.02.08 by Greg Hilker    
Participating Teams: Mainz Athletics, Saarlouis Hornets, Trier Cardinals, Worms Cannibals


Tournament in Mainz on 2.3.2008
10:30 Worms – Mainz Umpire: Saarlouis
11:30 Trier – Saarlouis Umpire: Mainz
12:30 Saarlouis – Worms Umpire: Trier
13:30 Mainz – Trier Umpire: Worms
14:30 Worms – Trier Umpire: Saarlouis
15:30 Mainz – Saarlouis Umpire: Worms

Tournament in Trier on 16.3.2008
10:30 Saarlouis – Trier Umpire: Mainz
11:30 Mainz – Worms Umpire: Trier
12:30 Trier – Mainz Umpire: Worms
13:30 Worms – Saarlouis Umpire: Mainz
14:30 Saarlouis – Mainz Umpire: Trier
15:30 Trier – Worms Umpire: Saarlouis

Each game is 50 minutes, 10 minutes break between games.
-ghs- 16.02.2008 -
New Tee-Bees Pictures
  posted 31.01.08 by Greg Hilker    
New Tee-Bees pictures (from 26.01.2008) are now online! Click here.
-ghs- 31.01.208 -
Tee-Bees Indoor Practice
  posted 17.11.07 by Greg Hilker    
Indoor practice for the Tee-Bees (kids 7 – 12 years old) will start again as of December 1st!
Training is always Saturdays from 14:00 to 15:30 in the Elo-Turnhalle.
Russ Risdon und Brett Hessler will be coaching the kids.
-ghs- 17.11.2007 -
60,000th Visitor on 16-Nov-2007
  posted 16.11.07 by Greg Hilker    
On November 16, 2007, this Website had it's 60,000th visitor since March 22, 2003. That's an average of 35.3 visitors per day or over 12,890 per year!
- ghs -
Indoor Practice Schedule
  posted 06.11.07 by Greg Hilker    
The Indoor Practice Times are now on the Website.
Unfortunately the schedule for the Tee-Bees (thru 12 years) is not fixed yet...
-ghs- 6.11.2007 -
Game in Wiesbaden cancelled!
  posted 23.10.07 by Greg Hilker    
Wiesbaden has not contacted Jojo; therefore, the game planned for Oct. 28 in Wiesbaden is *cancelled*!
- ghs -
  posted 05.10.07 by Greg Hilker    
The Verbandsliga season has now ended. All Verbandsliga-Stats under "Game Data" • "Statistics" have been brought up-to-date. (incl.
"VL Batting Gesamt", "VL Batting Spieler", "VL Pitching Gesamt", "VL Pitching Spieler" und "Top 10 VL Baseball All Time").
- ghs -
Pokalfinale 07: New pics online!
  posted 01.10.07 by J.Oliver Seip    
Several pics of the game against Trier have been added. Check:

Verschiedenes>Bilder>2007 Pokalfinale
New shirts available
  posted 21.09.07 by J.Oliver Seip    
A kind of local patriotism in our shop. We added 3 t-shirts in the legendary "I love NY" design...

buy or die
Youth Stats
  posted 28.08.07 by Greg Hilker    
The youth league's season is now over. All stats in "Game Data" • "Statistics" have been updated. This also includes "Jugend Batting Gesamt", "Jugend Pitching Gesamt", Jugend Batting Spieler", "Jugend Pitching Spieler" and "Top 10 Jugendliga All Time".
  posted 24.06.07 by J.Oliver Seip    
Some new pics in the team and players section.
New Cannibals-Shop!
  posted 13.06.07 by Webmaster    
Our new shop is now linked on the website under miscellaneous. We have 6 products for sale at the moment; however, the more we sell, the more products can be added to the collection. Happy Buying!

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