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Final 2006 Schedules
  posted 28.03.06 by Greg Hilker    
The final 2006 schedules (Men's Landesliga and Jugendliga) are now online and up-to-date under "Game Data \ Schedule/Results".
Schedule Changes (24.03)
  posted 24.03.06 by Greg Hilker    
There have been a number of changes to the 2006 schedule.
See "Game Data \ Schedule/Results" for the up-to-date schedule.
2006 Schedules
  posted 13.03.06 by Greg Hilker    
The 2006 schedules for the Men's Landesliga and the Jugendliga are now online under "Game Data \ Schedule/Results".
Results Jugendturnier 29.01.06
  posted 30.01.06 by Greg Hilker    
The results and umpires from the Jugend-Hallenturnier on 29.1.06 in Neustadt

Neustadt - Worms 2-3 (Umps: Martin Matlacki + Benjamin Klein SLS)
Mainz - Saarlouis 1 10-9 (Martin Matlacki + Benjamin Klein SLS)
Saarlouis 2 - Worms 6-11 (Cae Santos MZA + Frank Scherthan NWS)
Neustadt - Mainz 1-8 (Ed Seaman + Greg Hilker-Schmele WOR)
Worms - Saarlouis 1 1-6 (Cae Santos MZA + Benjamin Klein SLS)
Mainz - Saarlouis 2 8-3 (Frank Scherthan NWS + Benjamin Klein SLS)
Saarlouis 1 - Neustadt 5-4 (Ed Seaman WOR + Cae Santos MZA)
Worms - Mainz 4-12 (Benjamin Klein + Tom Gaab SLS)
Saarlouis 1 - Saarlouis 2 6-0 (Jens Vogel + Brian Smith NWS)
Saarlouis 2 - Neustadt 1-6 (Brian Smith + Terry Young NWS)

Viele Grüsse,
Jürgen Löwer
Neustadt Saints

(see also Game Data / Standings)
Tournament Schedule for 1/29/06
  posted 14.01.06 by Greg Hilker    
Tournament Schedule for Day #1
29. January 2006 in Neustadt

9.45 NW - WO Ump: MZ/SLS1
10.30 MZ - SLS1 Ump: SLS2/WO
11.15 SLS2 - WO Ump: NW/MZ etc.
12.00 NW - MZ
12.45 WO - SLS1
13.30 MZ - SLS2
14.15 SLS1 - NW
15.00 WO - MZ
15.45 SLS1 - SLS2
16.30 SLS2 - NW
17.10 Ende

Tournament Day #2: March 4
New Officers
  posted 14.11.05 by Greg Hilker    
Elections were held on 11/11/2005 in the Abteilung Baseball & Softball of the Turngemeinde 1846 Worms e.V. The officers are now:

President: Gregory Hilker-Schmele
Vice President: Edward Seaman
Treasurer: Thomas Holschuh
Youth Coach: Sacha Elschner
Publicity: Oliver Seip
Field Managers: Naum Adam & Jerry Labrie

30,000th Hit on 10/28/2005 !
  posted 28.10.05 by Greg Hilker    
On October 28, 2005 this Website had it's 30,000th hit since March 22, 2003. That's an average of 31.5 hits per day!
"Hits" are counted when a TCP/IP address first calls-up the Website on a given day; therefore, the actual number of visitors to the Website is greater than 30,000. For example, you call-up the Website three times during a single day and your computer retains it's TCP/IP address (e.g. DSL), then only one hit is counted.
- ghs -
  posted 12.10.05 by Greg Hilker    
The City of Worms has finally confirmed the dates for *Youth* practice in the Elo-Gym as follows:
12.11.2005 19.11.2005 26.11.2005
03.12.2005 10.12.2005 17.12.2005
14.01.2006 21.01.2006 28.01.2006
04.02.2006 11.02.2006 18.02.2006 25.02.2006
04.03.2006 11.03.2006 18.03.2006 25.03.2006
We have the Elo-Gym from 2-6 pm.
Sacha will inform all parents of the exact times as soon as possible.

Negotiations with the City whether the Men can also use the Elo-Gym are ongoing.
- ghs - 12.10.2005 -
Semi-Final Game Rained-out
  posted 11.09.05 by Greg Hilker    
The Semi-Final game between Bous and Worms was called in the 4th inning because of rain with Bous leading 8-1.
If the League agrees, the game will be replayed on September 18th.
Practice Game vs. the Cobras
  posted 16.08.05 by Greg Hilker    
We have a practice game to get ready for the playoffs against
> the Bad Kreuznach Cobras
> on 8/28 at 14:00.
The game will be played in Bad Kreuznach; we will be leaving from the Bauwagen at 12:00.
- Greg -
Semi-Final in Bous
  posted 11.08.05 by Greg Hilker    
The Playoffs start for us on September 11. We play against the Bous Lokomotive at 14:00 in Bous. We will be leaving from the Bauwagen at 10:30.

The Final is scheduled for 9/18 (or 9/17 should we lose). Our opponent will be either Bad Kreuznach or St. Ingbert.
- Greg -
Pictures - Youth SAA-WOR
  posted 19.07.05 by Greg Hilker    
Pictures from the Youth game Saarlouis-Worms, 16.07.05 are now online.
See Miscellaneous / Pictures / "2005.07.16 Saarlouis JL".
New Link - Who's On First
  posted 08.07.05 by Greg Hilker    
See "Other Links" for a link to the famous Abbott and Costello comedy routine from the official Abbott and Costello website. The file is big - 3.2 MB - and the routine is 5 minutes long.
Pictures - Youth WOR-MZA
  posted 06.06.05 by Greg Hilker    
Pictures from the Youth game Worms-Mainz on 5.06.05 are now online.
See Miscellaneous / Pictures / "2005.06.05 Youth MZA".
Play-By-Play for all games!
  posted 22.04.05 by Greg Hilker    
The Play-By-Play for all games is now on the website! The Play-By-Play can be found after the Box Scores. (Game Data / Schedule, then click on the score.)
The Play-By-Play for games from previous years will be added as I find time to do so.
23.04.05: LL 2004 Play-By-Plays have been uploaded.
2005 Schedule
  posted 01.03.05 by Greg Hilker    
The schedule for 2005 can be found at "Game Data / Schedule".
Umpires and Scorers needed!
  posted 01.12.04 by Greg Hilker    
We have registered a Jugend Team for 2005 and this means that we will have approx. 5 more games to ump and score vs. 2004. Additionally, we have 2 fewer umps for 2005 and still only have 2 scorers.
This means that the additional load must be carried by a few of your friends - and that's not fair!
We need YOU to get hold of Ed Seaman (06355 953 603) NOW to sign-up for Umpire or Scorer training!
Ed Seaman new President
  posted 16.11.04 by Greg Hilker    
Ed Seaman was elected as President of the Cannibals at our annual meeting on 12.11.2004. Congratulations Ed!
Unfortunately, Hendrik Breuler resigned as PR-Manager due to private reasons. Even worse, noone was willing to take over this important job. ;-(

The Website will be changed soon to refelct these changes (Contact/Addresses).
New Stats Online!
  posted 09.08.04 by Greg Hilker    
I found the stats for Landesliga-Baseball for 2000 and 2001, as well as the Mixed-Softball stats for 2001 and have uploaded them.
Also, under "All Time" there are now total stats and year-by-year stats for each player in each league since 2000!
Viel Spaß, Greg
Schülerliga Stats Online
  posted 18.07.04 by Greg Hilker    
The final Stats for the Schülerliga as well as all Box Scores are online!

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