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News/Website Updates
  posted 24.06.07 by J.Oliver Seip    
Some new pics in the team and players section.
New Cannibals-Shop!
  posted 13.06.07 by Webmaster    
Our new shop is now linked on the website under miscellaneous. We have 6 products for sale at the moment; however, the more we sell, the more products can be added to the collection. Happy Buying!
SLS-WOR (Jugend) cancelled
  posted 04.06.07 by Greg Hilker    
The Youth game SLS-WOR on 2.06.2007 was cancelled because the field in Saarlouis was under water.
The game is now scheduled for Sunday, 10.06.2007, at 10:30 in Saarlouis. We leave at 7:45 from the Bauwagen.
- ghs -
New code in the guestbook
  posted 29.05.07 by Webmaster    
There will be a code displayed from now on in the 'entry section' of our guestbook. Whoever wants to make an entry has copy this code into the appropriate field of the form.

The reason hfor all this are the continuous spam entries, that our guestbook gets on a regular basis. spam entries are seldom done by a human being. Normally machines or programms enter them automatically. But these programms are not able to recognize the code in the picture, which is why this method can prevent us from spam relatively good. Therefore all this is necessary. We ask for your understanding.
  posted 26.04.07 by Greg Hilker    
There have been a couple of changes to the practice times recently. See GameData • Practice
- ghs -
50,000th Visitor on 22-Apr-2007
  posted 23.04.07 by Greg Hilker    
On April 22, 2007, this Website had it's 50,000th visitor since March 22, 2003. That's an average of 33.5 visitors per day or over 12,230 per year!
- ghs -
Men - Practice games & Practice
  posted 11.03.07 by Greg Hilker    
We have 2 practice games planned against Neustadt + one being planned against Büchenbeuren. See "Schedule" for details...
Men's practice outside this Wednesday (14.03) at 17:30, and Sunday (18.03) at 13:00.

2007 schedule online!
  posted 26.02.07 by Greg Hilker    
The 2007 schedule (Verbandsliga and Jugendliga) ist now online (Game Data | Schedule/Results).
- ghs -
Indoor Practice Schedule
  posted 30.12.06 by Greg Hilker    
The indoor practice schedule is (finally) up-to-date. See "Game Data" / "Practice".
Youth Indoor Tournament
  posted 04.12.06 by Greg Hilker    
This year unfortunately only three teams are taking part in the Indoor Tournament for the Jugend: Mainz Athletics, Saarlouis Hornets and Worms Cannibals.
The Jugend Tournament will take place on two days: 28. January 2007 in Saarlouis and 24. February 2007 in Mainz.
The game schedule is as follows:

28.01.06 in Saarlouis:

24.02.06 in Mainz:

Thereafter: Trophies

The Tournaments start at 10:30 and should be done around 16:30/16:45. Each game lasts 50 minutes with 5 minutes between games. After game 3 there will be a 30 to 45 minute break for lunch.
The team not playing must umpire. Licensed umpires will be credited with 1 game umped for each 2 tournament games umped. As in the past, non-licensed umpires are allowed.

Dorothee Visser
- Jugendwart swbsv -
Pictures - All Star Game 2006
  posted 24.10.06 by Greg Hilker    
Picrures from the All Star Game 2006 are here:
They were taken by Olaf Boldt (SWBSV)
4 new categories
  posted 10.08.06 by Oliver Seip    
4 new picture-categories are added:

2006.06.24 St. Ingbert vs. Worms Cannibals
2006.06.24 Cannibals at Hooters Pt. 2
2006.07.16 Bad Kreuznach Cobras vs.Cannibals
2006.07.22 MLB Roadshow in Mainz

..lazy Schiller!
40,000th Visitor on 9-Aug-2005 !
  posted 09.08.06 by Greg Hilker    
On August 9, 2006, this Website had it's 40,000th visitor since March 22, 2003. That's an average of 35.1 visitors per day or over 12,800 per year!
- ghs -
Landesliga Stats
  posted 07.08.06 by Greg Hilker    
The regular season in the Landesliga season is finished. All stats - incl. "Top 10" und "All Time" - have been updated and posted here. The stats will be finalized after the playoff game on 24 September.
- ghs -
Jugendliga Stats
  posted 18.07.06 by Greg Hilker    
The Jugendliga's season is finished. All stats - incl. "Top 10" und "All Time" - have been updated and posted here.
- ghs -
No more links in the guestbook
  posted 25.06.06 by Webmaster    
Due to the continuous spam-attacks, we have decided to exclude all links out of our Guestbook which occur within the message body. Therefore, from now on you will no longer be able to post links in your messages. We ask for your understanding.

-- The website committee of the 'Worms Cannibals' club --
new pics online
  posted 12.06.06 by Dennis Schiller    
So, die ersten Bilder von unserem letzten sonntags Ausflug sind da. Wegen der menge könnte die vollständigkeit noch etwas dauern.

Ach und die von unserem Spiel folgen ebenfalls.

gruß, Dennis #33
New Pics: Adults & Kids
  posted 03.06.06 by Oliver Seip    
2006.05.21 :
Pics of our Game against Saarlouis Hornets, a friendly addendum by Heide Iwand and Dirk Best, some guys of the BSW-Foto-Club Worms.

28.05.06 :
WO Youth vs Trier Cardinals
WO Adults vs St. Wendel Brewers
Pictures - Hit in den Mai 2006
  posted 18.05.06 by Greg Hilker    
A number of pictures from "Hit in den Mai 2006" are already online. If you have pictures that you would also like to have posted, please e-mail them to me. Preferred format: 640x480 pixels, JPG.

Einige Bilder von "Hit in den Mai 2006" sind schon auf der Website. Wer Bilder hat die auch online sein sollten, soll mir sie per Email zukommen lassen. Gewünschtes Format: 640x480 Pixel, JPG.

New Pictures Online
  posted 05.04.06 by Greg Hilker    
Pictures of the Youth Cup Game in Mainz as well as of the field maintenance in March are now online!

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