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Last Indoor Practice 03/20
  posted 08.02.04 by Greg Hilker    
The date for the Sportfest in the Elo Gym has been moved to March 27. Therefore, there will be no Youth or T-Bee practice that day and the last indoor training will be on March 20th.
Indoor Schedule Changed
  posted 20.01.04 by Greg Hilker    
2nd Game Day in Saarlouis om February 1
10.40 - 11.25 NWS - WOR Umpire: MAI - BÜC
11.30 - 12.15 MAI - BÜC Umpire: SAA - WOR
12.20 - 13.05 SAA - WOR Umpire: SPE - NWS
(The game against NWS was moved up from 28.02.)
New Mail-System
  posted 13.12.03 by Webmaster    
More and more SPAM is cruising through the Net and a lot of people are asking themselves, how those Spammers get their fingers on their e-mail adresses. Well, one way would be to write a program which looks up patterns in the code in order to register the address into their database.
To at least stop this process on the Cannibals website I have changed the way you write e-mails here. Instead of being able to write them directly (like it would be the normal case) you have to indiretly write them now using the form on our website. This way I hope to confuse the SPAM-Programs, because they can't find their pattern any more - and make your email a bit safer.
New Practice Times !
  posted 07.10.03 by Greg Hilker    
The new practice times, including the dates for indoor training, can be found here under "Game Data \ Practice".

NOTE: As of immediately, the men will be "training" only on Wednesday's in the Waldeslust! We will discuss this further on November 7th.
(The sun sets too early and we aren't allowed to use the Gym...)
KRZ-WOR game rescheduled
  posted 09.06.03 by Greg Hilker    
Game #3124, Bad Kreuznach - Worms, will be played
—> Sunday 21. September
—> at 14:00
—> in Worms

Meet at 12:00 at the Bauwagen!
New Startpage
  posted 13.05.03 by Webmaster    
You've probably already noticed that the entry-page has changed a little bit.
Instead of having it open the latest updated news-page automatically, it now shows you the last 5 entries of each of the sections.
On top, it will also give you important information like the most important date and the next game. Information as such should be visible at your first visit, so you are informed as quickly as possible.
I hope this makes things more informative.
Umpire Schedule
  posted 29.04.03 by Webmaster    
I've finished the "Umpire Shedule" now. It is located in "Game Data". Everybody may now check when and if they have to ump a game so no appointments will be forgotten in the future!
Also, the time displayed there is the beginning of the game. You should always remember to be there earlier!
  posted 03.04.03 by Webmaster    
I have put the website on a subdomain on my original domain. in the near future you will not be able to access the website at anymore. Also everything you put in the old adminarea will not be registered on the new subdomain. The new admin file is located in the main directory (if you can't find it, send me an email).
If any errors should occur, then inform me about it via email and I will take care of it.

Oh, and "Baseball for Kids" has a new logo :)

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