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2020 Schedule online
  posted 20.01.20 by Greg Hilker    
The 2020 schedule is now online!
2020 Schedule: Click here
Softball für 2019 abgemeldet!
  posted 19.06.19 by Greg Hilker    
It was not an easy decision, but there was no other way: We have removed the Softball team from the RML for the rest of the season.
Softball will continue to practice on Thursdays and we will try to organize friendly games in the hope of being able to register a team again in the near future.
2019 Schedules
  posted 05.03.19 by Greg Hilker    
2018 Schedules
The 2018 Aufbauliga- and Mixed-Softball-Liga schedules are now online.
2019 Schedule: Click here
Winter Practice 2018/19
  posted 18.11.18 by Greg Hilker    
In Winter 2018/19 werden die Erwachsenen in der Sporthalle der ELO-Gymnasium trainieren.
Brucknerstr. 2, 67549 Worms
Wir haben die Halle samstags zwischen 15.00 und 17.00 Uhr.
Genaue Termine werden spater bekannt gegeben.

Jugend-Training ist samstags 14.00 bis 15.30 Uhr in der TGW-Jahnturnhalle.
Philosophenstraße 12, 67549 Worms
Genaue Termine werden spater bekannt gegeben.

Practice Times: Click here
Practice Times
  posted 09.03.18 by Greg Hilker    
Practice Times: Click here
2018 Schedules
  posted 09.03.18 by Greg Hilker    
The 2018 schedules for the Aufbauliga and the Verbandsliga are now online.
2018 Schedules: Click here
Winter Practice Times
  posted 29.12.17 by Greg Hilker    
The practice times and locations have been changed for 2018!
New Practice Times: Click here
350,000th visitor on 6/27/2017
  posted 27.06.17 by Greg Hilker    
This website had its 350,000th visitor since March 22, 2003 on June 27, 2017!
2017 Schedules
  posted 25.03.2017 by Greg Hilker    
The men´s schedules for 2017 (Verbandsliga and Aufbauliga) are now under "Game Data / Schedule" online!
300,000th visitor on 2/6/2017
  posted 09.02.17 by Greg Hilker    
This website had its 300,000th visitor since March 22, 2003 on 2/6/2017!
Junioren Stats 2016
  posted 24.10.16 by Greg Hilker    
The complete Junioren Stats for 2016 can now be found under "Game Data / Statistics"
Junioren Stats!
  posted 01.08.16 by Greg Hilker    
The Junioren Stats for 2016 can now be found under "Game Data / Statistics"
Black & Gold Schedule change
  posted 27.06.16 by Greg Hilker    
Die ausgefallene Spiele von 27.06.2016 (Gold:Black, Black:LAF, LAF:Gold) werden am 25.09 in Worms ausgetragen.
Team Black Spielplanänderung
  posted 25.06.16 by Greg Hilker    
Die ausgefallene Spiele von 19.06.2016 (Black:KSL, KSL:LAF, LAF:Black) werden am 23.07 in Worms ausgetragen.
Team Gold schedule change
  posted 30.05.16 by Greg Hilker    
The games from June 6 (KSL:Gold, Gold:SLS, SLS:KSL) have been rescheduled for July 17 in Kaiserslautern.
Team Gold schedule change
  posted 27.04.16 by Greg Hilker    
The games from April 17 which were cancelled (Gold:BKC, BKC:KSL, KSL:Gold) have been rescheduled to May 29 in Bad Kreuznach. We cannot play in Worms on that weekend because of the "Spectaculum" which is being held in the Wäldchen.
The games on May 29 are as follows:
10:30 BKC:KSL Umpire: Worms
13:00 KSL:WO2 Umpire: Bad Kreuznach
15:30 WO2:BKC Umpire: Kaiserslautern
No Schülertraining on 05 & 19.03
  posted 01.03.16 by Greg Hilker    
No Schülertraining on 05.03 & 19.03!
Fall Practice PeeWees
  posted 16.10.15 by Greg Hilker    
In den Herbstferien findet kein Training für das Schülerteam statt.
Das Hallentraining findet ab November in der neuen Jahnturnhalle (Jahnwiese) statt, die Termine werden zeitnah bekanntgegeben.
Cannibals in 3RBL Final!
  posted 04.10.15 by Greg Hilker    
The championship game of the Three Rivers Baseball League will be played in Worms on October 11th.
The Cannibals will take on the Kaiserslautern Bears for the title (the Neustadt Saints pulled out of the playoffs due to too few players).
The game starts at 12:00 on the Bürgerweide.
Food and drinks will, of course, be available.
Cannibals Fun Day 3.10
  posted 28.09.15 by Greg Hilker    
Cannibals Fun Day 3. Oktober 2015
Treffpunkt 10.00 Uhr mit Aufbau
11.00 Uhr Schüler vs. Eltern Spiel
12.30 Uhr Softball Mixed Fun Game (Damen, Jugend, Eltern, Neulinge)
14.00 Uhr Homerun Derby Schüler
14.30 Uhr Baseball Cannibals Herren Game (Herren und Junioren)
Für das leibliche Wohl wird gesorgt.
Die Schüler- und Jugendteams bringen Ihre Baseballkarten zum Tauschen mit.
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